Power Fx Canvas Apps from Zero to Hero

PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker preparation through 300 + Lessons Including 250 + demos using Power Fx

Course Summary

A course designed inspire people to create amazing Canvas Power Apps for themselves and the organisations that they represent.  Comprehensive enough for you to be successful with the product starting from zero knowledge.

Here are some key reasons why you might want to take the course:

- It will prepare you for the Power Apps elements the Microsoft Exam PL-100 see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/pl-100
-  It is comprehensive, with over 300+ lessons
-  You can learn at your own pace
-  You can ask the instructor questions
-  The 250 demos build from a blank canvas, to help you understand each point and click needed to be successful
-  You will be the first to know about any unpcoming webinars

You will discover why building apps is worth learning and in addition to:

- Getting a Power Apps licence for the first time
- Building Apps for yoursef and for use in your business
- Configuring screens and controls using Power Fx
- Connecting to many data sources
- Sharing Apps
- Discovering the science around how to build a good user interface
- Getting involved in the community


"This is one of the best courses I’ve ever come across. It covers so much about Power Apps. I can’t believe it is free of charge. I love the way everything is organised into sections, this makes it easy to go back and review a topic. Rory is also excellent at answering questions posted by students! Thanks for all your hard work and contribution to the community Rory πŸ‘πŸΎ"

Sean Hodkinson
Power Apps Maker | Power BI | Power Automate | VBA

"Very well delivered course, suitable for all levels of experience. Well worth checking out to either start learning about power apps or to refresh your memory."

Ray Daly

"A big thank you to Rory for creating free and accessible one stop shop for all details on Power platform. Now I don’t have to keep looking for content on Youtube and other channels!"

Mohammed Basha

"An awesome learning course - point to point - and will make you "zero to hero". Covers mostly all what you need as a beginner to the pro level."

Pratik Soni

"Really good course material that makes learning Power Apps very enjoyable e.g. The Patch modules - wish I could quit building Power Apps and Power Automates in my day job and just follow the course examples, as it is considerably less stressful!"

Daniel Westerdale
Power Platform and SharePoint Consultant

"The course is giving me great knowledge, it is very well developed"

ChristiΓ‘n Gourdy
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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Course Curriculum

Rory Neary


This course has been built to create the very best learning experience that I can offer.  It's the course I would have wanted to have covered when I first started my Power Apps journey.

There's no expectation of any expertise on your part coming into the course, and you can take a look at the preview options so that it is right for you.

Course Pricing

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    Access to all the lessons - start learning today!